GTX 570 Display Driver stopped responding - Is the card failing?


Jan 14, 2013
Hi everyone,

I have a 3 year old rig that was still running well until recently. The GPU is a GeForce GTX 570. Starting a few days ago, while playing some games, I would get multi-colored pixels on the screen, a flash, and an error "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered." After it happened a few more times, I reinstalled the display drivers. The errors kept occurring, so I tried reverting the driver to its previous version(s). Pretty soon, I started getting white striations across the screen and eventually it gave me a blue screen telling me to restart with the error "VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL_ERROR".

This takes me to my current position, where if I plug my DVI into the GPU, Windows will not even load. Instead it will display many small, white, horizontal lines, and it will reach the Windows 10 loading screen and immediately restart an infinite number of times. I am only able to load Windows by plugging the DVI into my motherboard, in which case, there are no problems (which makes me hopeful that the problem is isolated to the GPU). I also unseated and dusted the GPU and reattached it. If I boot using the motherboard display, the GPU still appears under device manager. If I restart and try to display from the GPU, I get the aforementioned white striations and an endlessly repeating Windows loading screen.

Thoughts, GPU doctors? Is it dying or does it still have a fighting chance?



Feb 20, 2015
the gpu is most likely failing ;( retire your 570 maybe display it somewhere or something and get a better gpu like a 960 r9 380 or 970.
but before you do if you can get on your system try reinstalling all the drivers and give it one last chance