GTX 570 Same Specs, Different Price?

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Dec 25, 2008
Hey everyone Happy Holidays. So of course Christmas came around and I've got enough money to grab some new RAM and a GPU. I've got a few questions concerning particular models on newegg that have the same specs but about a $50 difference. And also if anyone think I should go with anything.
First of all I think I'm going to go with a GTX 570, 560 Ti probably very similar but I feel like I might as well just get the one a step up. (Going off of tomshardware GPU hierarchy chart,,3107-7.html)

So these are the two models I'm looking at on newegg. And just before anyone is curious, I think I DO want to stay with EVGA, customer service + warranty has been awesome in the past for me. If someone thinks they can convince me to go with another company feel free to try :D.
$274 - The more expensive one
$229 - But out of stock
Also seen on tiger direct,
Same model number.

So just curious what the difference is, I really can't figure it out. Should I just go ahead and grab the cheaper one off of tiger direct. I probably cannot afford the extra $50 dollars as I'm in a range of 300 and grabbing 12gb of G.Skill ripjaws with this. If anyone has any other ideas one what to get I'm glad to hear you out. May go to watercooling in the near'ish future but that is unknown as of now.

Also, my specs are below but just to mention it I'm running a first gen i7 920 and was curious if this will have any issues with bottlenecking. I'm pretty sure it wont but doesnt hurt to ask.

Thanks All
Have a merry merry Christmas!
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