GTX 570 SLI Brand


Nov 1, 2011
Hi, I want a silent SLI setup in the new pc I am planning to buy, I read that two GTX570 in SLI should be cooler than a pair of HD6970 in cf.
I also had problems with the drivers of my current ati card so I am considering the GTX570 in SLI.
What is the best brand for this to stay cool and most important for me: quiet?

My new system setup:
p8z68-v pro
I7-2600k with thermalright archon

My choices are currently
-asus GTX570 DirectCUII (Read that it should be possible with my mobo and case, but is it still silent...)
-MSI GTX570 pe twin frozr III (silent mode)
-MSI GTX570 twin frozr II
-gigabyte GTX570 soc
-evga GTX570
-... other suggestions?

Already thanks to those who want to read and hopefully answer my thread.
(sorry for my bad English, I'm Belgian and new here. My languages are not my best part...)


Sep 11, 2011
If you're going SLI, get two EVGA cards with the fan at the back (External Exhaust), as that means that the hot air is blown out the back of the card, and out of the computer. Otherwise the Asus, as I have two 6950s (Got them yesterday), both of which are DCII, and are still quite cool, even though there is only half a slot between them... I do have a 200mm fan almost right over them though, so you may want to get something to blow air between your cards.

In any case, I had two GTX460 EEs in SLI before one died and was replaced with a normal one, and they both ran fairly cool, they were both EVGA. However, if you do want to get the best cooling performance in SLI, you will have to trade it for sound - the EVGA External Exhaust fans are not particularly quiet. If sound really matters, get the ASUSes.

In the end, the final resolution for this is to get two EVGA GTX570 EE.
Think about this:

Two 560 Ti's factory OC'd to 900 MHz get 862 fps in Guru3D's game test suite.
Two 570's Ti's get 873 fps in Guru3D's game test suite.

Sure there's an inherent disadvantage for the 570 in that the test was a reference card, but the 560 will OC to 1000MHz or more. The 570 doesn't have that kind of headroom. I have OC'd 7 outta 8 560's to 1000MHz w/o even touching the voltage...the last required just a pinch (one notch)


If you are looking to be quiet or silent then you have to get away from the fans and the only way to do that is with liquid cooling. The cards are always going to come with fans and no matter how hard they try there is always some noise , it can't be helped and when the card is cranked up from extra action the fan speeds up to keep up with the extra heat that is produced. It all depends on how much fan noise is bothersome to each individual.
I picked up a stock EVGA 570, with a reference clock of [strike]723[/strike]mhz. I cranked the volts up to 1.05v and stopped at 850mhz (beyond the point of reason as I have other bottlenecks). I ended up leaving it at 800mhz. Either way, it churned out some pretty in BF3 with temps maxing at 82c. I use headphones when I game so not concerned about the fan. If you can't kill the noise, drown it out. :D

Edit: 732mhz stock


Nov 1, 2011
If I hear it a little it doesn't bother me, but not much more than my PS3 lite please. I also read something about "sparkle calibre X570" with accelero xtreme cooling.
Gainward phantom should also be an option.
Should this be good for SLI? and better than the rest?
For liquid cooling I still have to place a pump and fan somewhere, right? And it's not cheap... I think that it's over my budget.
I read that a lot of people where having problems wit the gtx560 Ti, especially with the superclocked version, gigabyte, but also other brands.
gigabyte even sell a new superclocked version with a lower clock because of this. Just google it and you know what I mean.
But that even doesn't matter because I prefer the performance of the GTX 570. "I can use the extra fps"

Gothams Finest

Sep 15, 2011
Non ref cards are fine for single card set ups but be aware that non reference cards such as the ASUS, MSI & Gigabyte can have problems in SLI, because non reference cards dump the hot air inside the case (unlike reference cards like the EVGA that exhaust it outside of the case) non reference cards can cause a recycling effect were one card will dump the hot air and the other will suck that hot air back in, over long periods the heat builds up and negates the benefit of the cooler design. I'd only use a solution like that if it were totally open air with plenty of airflow and space between the cards.

The main reason to get non-reference is to OC, but with SLI 570 I doubt you will need to OC them.

This is just my opnion but I'm sure I will get flamed for saying this by non ref fan boys.
^ What he said. I like stock for sli.

There's no real pressure to overclock at all. I put two 570s together in an older sli board that left zero space between the cards. The top card will run on average 10 degrees hotter, so the fan will be a little faster, and the sound will be different due to the limited gap between the cards. If running stock clocks, there should be enough thermal headroom to do custom fan mapping in a program like MSI Afterburner where you can fine tune the speed, when it speeds up, etc.


Nov 1, 2011
thx for your reply's, I don't think my case temps will get hot because the haf x is insane. their is also a 200mm fan blowing on the gpu's from the side panel so that is good. :)
I noticed yesterday that a lot of the cards aren't avaible (anymore) in cheap Belgian of dutch stores. my choices now between:

-msi gtx 570
-evga gtx 570 super clocked
Can the reference model be overclocked has well has the non-ref or is the cooler to weak? I'm nothing planning to set it at 100% while gaming.


-msi gtx 570 twin frozr III (silent mode)
-gigabyte gtx570 windforce III cooler
-I think now the directcuII will be possible but nothing optimal for sli because of the thickness of the cards android the small space between. (Yes, I am a slow student xD)
-I also found a evga gtx 570 ds hd, but I don't find anyone who has this card on forums, or any review so this can't be a really good card.

everyone calls the gtx570 reference quiet, but what is quiet? can anyone compare it to something i know?

Hope I will ever get our of my dilemma :p

btw: Does anyone knows here what preffered framerates are to play a game? 50 fps?