GTX 580 A bit hotter after cleaning..


Mar 24, 2009
Well yesterday I cleaned out my PC with my step dads air compressor...wanted to clean out the dust.

But as I was on my sword of the new world game...its not very said the "Display drivers stopped working"

But so I look at SpeedFan and my Temps where like 70c =O...They never go any where close to 60c...they stay near 50 even when Im running the game.

Its not OC...the fan speed was at 45...but I raised it to 60 now.

Even before I raised it when I was opening up more fire fox tabs...the temp started going up.

I checked all my fans and they are all working...can the display drivers have anything to do with it =/.

Any suggestions?

I cleaned it out yesterday...and through out the night I did not see any...issues.