GTX 580 & Micro-ATX


May 6, 2011
If it has a PCI-E 2.0 x16 port then yes, yes it will. Make sure that your case is big enough though, if you have a micro atx motherboard and a tiny case than a graphics card (especially a big one like the 580) will extend past the mobo and into the case. It's more important in this case to make sure your case will support the card.

Yes, a GTX580 will fit in any Micro-ATX or even mini-ITX motherboard that has a x16 pci-e slot, and every one I can think of qualifies.

You will be restricted in your choice of M-ATX cases that can handle a card of that length(10.5").
The Silverstone TJ08B-E will hold one, and is one of the best.
Lian li also has some, but cpu cooler sizes are restricted.