GTX 580 or Two GTX 570 SLI ???


Nov 12, 2010

I am currently using a GTX 580 and I am very pleased about it, however I've been thinking after checking a few reviews that maybe I should sell this card and get 2 GTX 570's.

The 570s in SLI appear to outperform a single 580 considerably, and compete closely with 2 580's in SLI. (very closely)

so, after reading reviews the choice seems straightforward but I was looking for any input from the community or esp anyone that has done this themselves, (upgraded from a single 580 to 2 570's)

One more thing, I am using a sabertooth x58, Id rather instead of using the 2 PCI x16 slots desinated for SLI set-ups use the 3rd PCI 16 (x4 mode) for the 2nd card to give them some space for cooling, any links or input for the kinda performance loss I may get that way would be appreciated.


btw my current system specs:
i7 950 OC to 4Ghz
Sabertooth X58
12Gbs memory OC 2100Mhz
Antec 1000Watt PSU
I'm sure 2x 570 outperforms a GTX 580. Just like 2 x GTX 260 outperformed GTX 280. And just like 2 x GTX 470 outperforms GTX 480... and so on.

What resolution do you play at? It's likely you may not even get to see the benefits of a GTX 570 SLI setup anyhow unless you're doing Surround Vision or a high resolution monitor.


Nov 12, 2010
1920 x 1080p

I have an Acer GD235hz 23.6" monitor and possibly thinking very soon about getting the nVidia 3D vision Kit.

I can play every single game I have completely maxed out, however some games will drop below 60FPS and I can notice a slight lag. 100% playable but still i got the loot to upgrade and 580 SLI vs 570 SLI the difference in performance is marginal it seems.
You might want to also check out the HD6970 crossfire which outperforms the GTX570 SLI at around the same price. Unless of course 3D means that much to you.

Keep in mind dual-card setups aren't great with minimum framerates and you might still drop below 60fps.

And no, your PCI-E 2.0 x4 shouldn't limit the card in any noticeable fashion.
If you are seriously feeling to need to upgrade your GTX 580 (3D Vision is one good reason), a pair of GTX 570's will increase your performance nearly to the level of GTX 580's in SLI. The only reason the GTX 580 SLI increase is not more is due to CPU bottlenecking. Even with your fast setup, you will run into bottlenecking that makes the GTX 570's a wiser choice. In the reviews below, they test on a Core i7 965 OC'ed to 3750 mhz and found that both setups ran into limitations.

I figure the 570's all told will end up costing $800 ($500 GTX 580 + $700 pair of GTX 570's - $400 resale of the GTX 580 = $800) and the 580's will end up costing $1000. ($500 x 2 = $1000). So the GTX 570's are the better deal with only a small performance compromise. They will also be slightly quieter and cooler. In fact the new GTX 570/580 are remarkable for how little they increase in noise and heat when placed in a dual card setup (as opposed to the new HD6900 series, which get considerably hotter and much louder).
GTX 580's in SLI = 1.64x scaling
GTX 570's in SLI = 1.71x scaling
(580's may be more limited by CPU bottlenecking, though.)

You said you currently have a 580, right? Are you find any games that give you less FPS than your monitors hz? If not, you won't gain any tangible benefits from going to 570's in SLI.

No matter how high your FPS are, you will not be able to view more frames than your monitor will allow. Most people have 60hz monitors, so if you are not getting less than 60 FPS with maxed out settings now, then increasing your GPU performance, won't net you more displayed frames.

lol. i agreed with you. unless OP want to play games in 3d surround then a pair of GTX570 might worth considering. but if he only to play with single 1080p monitor i think even GTX580 should be enough for 3D gaming
I don't see why a GTX 580 needs an upgrade @ 1080p. I mean seriously, I can play everything with my GTX 470 @ 1080p. Would I love to have a second 470? Sure! But that's just cause I have the itch to do Surround Vision. But otherwise, a GTX 580 is more than needed for 1080p @ High settings as it is.

I dunno. Maybe the 570 SLI money should go toward Christmas Gifts for someone, or Toys for Tots, or something like that. :) I'd imagine the GTX 580 would do 3D @ 1080p by itself wouldn't it?


Oct 25, 2011
Go for it mate and get the second card.-
Dont beleive anything you hear..they sound like your paraents.(except me)....find out for yourself.
people dont really know..... they quote others and fabricate false answers.
Silly people!, ..your all trying to change the mans mind with your own "knowledge" ha.
I have had 2 gtx 570`s and would have gone 2 580`s if I could have afforded it.
bottleneck smosttleneck.

unless you have been running in sli for 12 months they wouldn`t have a clue..
I Run a1090t @ 4.GHz, 10 gb 2100 GT-mem, OCZ Agility 3 120GB SSD 2.5" 2TBx2 sata 3, HD`s
Am3 Crosshair V formula. Corsair HX1000Watt Psu. "Surround vision" 1 benq 120+2 asus 24" monitors, custom water loop=
great frames on all games and fantastic @ everything else.

my 2bob...enjoy the new cards in Sli :)