GTX 580 Problem


Sep 5, 2011
I just got my new rig on Thursday, and while graphics intensive games like Crysis, DXHR, and STALKER: COP ran fine, older games did not. Almost all of them are stricken with these artifact attacks(Pics below). They show up at different times depending on the game. In Battlefield 2, they show up immediately and in source games they tend to show up withing 30 minutes. I was told by other forums to get a replacement (It would be free, but I would like to avoid the 2 week waiting period) but I am having a hard time believing it's a bad card. So my question is, is there anything I can do about this besides getting a new card?


The most likely cause is:

a) defective graphics card
b) defective or insufficient Power Supply

Must supply enough Wattage (for you 600W should be enough) but also enough Amps. I usually recommend at least 1.25x the Amps recommended for the card. For example, I recommend a GTX570 which needs 38Amps have a PSU supply 48Amps (on the +12V rail or rails).

Unfortunately the only easy way to test this is to:
a) put the GTX580 into a different computer with a supported PSU (Watts and Amps)
b) swap Power Supplies into your present computer