GTX 580 SLI and Nvidia 3D Surround


Sep 27, 2011

So I built a new gaming PC a few weeks ago and I was running my older 1.5 GB GTX 580 in SLI with the newer 3 GB 580.

Obviously, putting them in SLI together limited the VRAM to 1.5 on the 3 GB version.

I decided to order a second 3 GB 580 and it came in today. I installed it and SLI'ed it to the other 3 GB. I saw a slight performance boost in 3DMark Vantage.

While I SLI'ed the two 3 GB cards, I left my old 1.5 580 in my PC in order to run it as a Physx processor.

After running the initial benchmark, I then decided to SLI all three, which limits the VRAM of the two more powerful cards. However, I saw a significant improvement.

Tomorrow, I have three 23" (1080p) monitors coming in that I was going to set-up for surround gaming.

My question is:

Even though there was a significant increase in performance on a single display (24") I was wondering if anyone knew whether it would be better to SLI only the 2 3 GB 580s for a 3 display set up.

Or if I keep the three-way SLI I have now: is 1.5 GB across three cards enough to do surround vision gaming?