GTX 650 + Eurocase 400W


Dec 20, 2012
Hi there, I want to upgrade my pc and would like to know if this combination is risky or not. I already bought the gpu but now I'm not sure if a new psu is needed as well.

Processor: 2,93GHz C2D (the fan is nothing fancy)
RAM: 2x 2GB DDR3
Graphic card old: NVIDIA GeForce 9500GT
Board: ASUS P5Q Deluxe
2x HDD
1x DVD
PSU: Eurocase 12V 18A 400W.
Graphic card new: GTX 650 (with its own 6-pin)

The system did not have any problems running on this setup for several years, but can my psu take the new graphic card or is the power difference too big?
I found some sources claiming the difference to be as low as 14W which sounds like no big deal, is this correct?
I also found a site that lists a 20A requirement which I do not meet, is that true and could that be a problem?

Thanks for any advice
if it were me, i'd replace the psu. 12v amps too low, and its a no-name brand, which means whats on the sticker is probably a lie anyway. not to mention if its a few years old it probably has leaky capacitors and it will blow soon anyway.
a 400 watt power supply with a single 18 amp(216 watts) rail seems a bit low(or old).

I would not chance it.

At the same time, the gtx 650(non TI does not exactly take much power and does it even NEED a 6 pin connector. I find it strange to even have one)

your probably right, but i was only looking at the specs on newegg. I bet you went to the antec site and read the full specs ;)
I always use newegg for its images of power supplies.

It lists 360 for 12v1 + 12v2

I try to watch out for it because it confuses people with multi-rail units.

Most good ones give a combined or show it in a box under the 2 rails like this.

/\ would be 288/12=24A


Dec 20, 2012
Thanks guys, I thought this through and decided to buy a new one.
However, the recommended antec currently doesn't seem to be sold in my country at all so I looked around for other psus.

Currently I am deciding between these two:
Seasonic 500W with two rails at 12V 17A each
Corsair 550W with one rail at 12V 41A

Since I'm buying a new one I would like to keep it for a long time - I will probably upgrade other components in the next year, slowly rebuilding the whole pc.

I found mostly good reviews for the seasonic while no reviews at all for the corsair. But the corsair seems to be quite a bit more powerful while having exactly the same price. Should I go with corsair or is the quality poor?

I'm still open to entirely different suggestions as well.
The Seasonic one is the same power supply Antec used when it first released its Earthwatts power supplies. It is not a bad power supply at all.

The Corsair is made by CWT(they have power supplies made by different makers. Some are Seasonic as well.), they have been building power supplies for a while as well.

Both units should run a modern system, but clearly you get MORE power(84 watts) from the Corsair unit.

Depending on your location the Corsair may come with a longer warranty as well.

I would also like to make it clear that the 20 amp thing mentioned, that is for the full system(not just the card). The non TI 650 does not take that much power(even the TI is not what I would call a hog).

EDIT. yeah here is a review of the Corsair.


Dec 20, 2012
Great! Thanks a lot for your help, just the info I was looking for - I'll go with the Corsair.

Also thanks for clearing up the confusion, for some reason I have indeed wrongly assumed the 20 amp is recommended solely for the card.
Based on a review by the 650 ti takes about 7 amps when loaded to the nuts and the non ti is a bit over 5.5 amps.

Again these are loaded to the max. In most games they will take less.

Here is the power numbers for the 650 ti I have, the 650 non ti is on the list as well. This the card on its own.

Strange thing is in my case the 650ti takes just a bit more then the 5770(my 5770 idles at 157 so I think that explains the idle numbers), the charts show the opposite, but I think the 5770 was actually slightly holding back the cpu so the extra power is from the cpu working harder.

I am using frame rate caps to keep heat/power a bit lower as well.