Gtx 660 ti auto detect problem? or my system?


Jan 17, 2013
Hi guys. In the past month or so, I've been upgrading my gaming rig with a new CPU and a new GPU. My choice of CPU was a AMD Phenom ii x4 965 BE because it was cheap and I had heard some good things about it. After I got my CPU I decided on upgrading the GPU and bought a gtx 660 ti.

These 2 parts have made my PC much better than my old system but I came across an issue when I went to play some games.

I loaded up battlefield 3 and picked auto detect for my settings and pretty much everything was on medium apart from one setting that was low. I was a bit confused so I put all the settings on ultra. I get around 70-50 fps in game and sometimes can drop to around 40 in heavy battles. I just don't understand why the game was set on medium settings when I can run it on ultra.

If you need my PC specs they are:

PSU - OCZ ZS series 650W
RAM - 4gb (I've ordered another 4gb chip)
GPU - Gtx 660 ti
CPU - AMD Phenom ii x4 965 BE
MOBO - Asus m4a78lt-m

Just a quick last comment. I'm currently playing in 1360x768 because I need to upgrade my monitor.