Question Gtx 660 Ti Fan stopped working

Aug 20, 2021
Last night I changed the thermal paste on my gtx 660 and reassembled it.
I did plug in the fan all the way in.
Fyi its a blower style fan.
I get display and everything seems to be working just fine.
So I wanted to play some Sekiro and I try to ramp up my fan a bit in afterburner but I don't hear anything.
I open the side panel and look at the fan. It's not spinning at all.
I've taken the gpu apart again just to check if there was some wiring problems and nothing looks out of place.
The fan doesn't try to spin at all not even a bit at startup.
I've taken the gpu apart before and everything worked just fine.
I don't have a single clue why it wouldn't work.

Here's a picture (before I changed the thermal paste)