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GTX 660 vs Radeon HD 7850


Oct 16, 2012
+1 for the 660.

660 is far better than the 7850.

Also, the 7850 (Sapphire's at least) is extremely faulty and buggy. Unfortunately, I owned one previously. It did not fit in the top PCI slot in my motherboard, despite perfect compatibility. I had game-breaking artifacts in any games, old or new, that I played. The coil whine on some games was atrocious. I then started to get black screen crashes every 10 minutes of gaming, causing me to hard restart the whole PC.

I contacted Sapphire support and it was the worst customer support I have ever been through. It took them weeks to admit it was their card that was faulty. They tried to blame it on other components. After around a month, they gave the green light for an RMA so they made me fill out a confusing spreadsheet with info, then pay £50 postage to somewhere random in Europe. They gave me a 12 page document of how to package the "graphic card" correctly. I presumed if I didn't do this exactly how it said they would refuse the return. They expected me to put egg cartons, foam, bubble wrap, cardboard and much more in there. I contacted Amazon.co.uk about this (where I bought it) and they were outstanding and gave me a full refund immediately, with a prepaid postage stamp from them to their warehouse. I bought a GTX 760 with the refund money and I am happy as can be.

Sorry about that turning into a rant. Basically, please DO NOT get the Sapphire 7850. The 660 is much faster too.

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