Gtx 660m and Battlefield 3


Feb 27, 2012
Hello, I was thinking about upgrading from an Alienware M14x to an Asus G75 and I just wanted to know if I can run the game on Ultra at 1600x900
Specs: Intel Core i7-3610 2.3Ghz
Nvidia GTX 660M
So if anyone has one of these or just wants to help please let me know because I really like that cooling system...
theres no way any mobile card will max out bf3. they are roughly half the power of there full size siblings. currently there are about 5 cards that can max out bf3 and give 60fps minimum @1080p or above and none of em are mobile cards...
if you want real gaming performance switch from that crappy lappy to a full size desktop... trust me it will be the best decision you ever make as far as gaming goes. not only will you get more bang for buck (roughly x2 the power for the same money) your pc won't slow down in 6 months because its full of dust.

seriously m8 if you dont need to move about then the desktop is the true winner...
and as you have an ok lappy already you really will get the best of both worlds.