Gtx 660m vs ati mobility 5470 inquiry


Mar 9, 2012

I recently purchased a laptop with a gtx 660m and i7 3630qm. So i crancked up all the settings in borderlands 2 and was able to get ~26 fps with very smooth gameplay. On the other hand, my old vaio laptop with i3-350m with ati mobility 5470 gets 23 fps on the lowest settings and the gameplay turns out to be very laggy and unplayable.

My question is, how come this be happening, is it because the gddr5 on the 660m speeds something up or what lol?

A similar thing has happened to me on the desktop side, i got a 660 ti and when maxing out FC3, i get ~45 fps but it's just plain unplayable, is it because of the 192 bit interface or what lol?

Thanks, appreciate your answers
gtx660m is a whole lot stronger than ati 5470m so there is no wonder overthere.

with your dekstop you're saying you get 45fps but it was unplayable. limit the to 30fps and see what happen. i heard a lot of people have stutter problem with the game.