GTX 670 Constantly crashing HELP!


May 21, 2012
I've had my MSI GTX 670 for about 6 months now and its never been plain sailing. It has always played up/crashed. Its now got to the point were I can barely play games for more than 5 minutes without the card crashing. All drivers are up to to date.

Motherboard - Asrock z77 Extreme4
Processor - Intel i5 3570k
GPU - GTX 670 OC Edition
HDD - WD 1TB 3.5" SATA-III Caviar Green
Case - Corsair 400r
RAM - Corsair Vengeance 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3
Drive - LiteOn Bluray
PSU - Corsair TX 750W V2

Even during high end games the card runs around 60-70°c which isn't exceptionally hot?
I'm running out of options before I either RMA the card or shoryuken it out of my rig.

All help will be massively appreciated!
make sure your mb bios is up to date and has all the bug fixes. with your ram make sure xmp profile is on and under cpu-z it read right. uses gpu-z make sure the pci port is working right. make sure you have the newest intel chipset drivers loaded.
if the system still crashes on you try another power supply. the power supply if it not holding or it has a lot of ac ripple it can cause issues. also check to see if your vidoe card one of the msi cards that was not built to nvidia spec.,18013.html