Mar 15, 2023
I have a EVGA GTX 670 4gb Superclocked . It draws 238-240 watts under load. Couldn't really find more then a 4gb draws around 170. Is the factory OC making that much of a difference ? Or did I get a gold card lol.? I'm Going to get this for something else but will put it on the 670. and actually OC it see what kinda numbers I can get. Thought it would be Fun. Main question is is that power draw close to what it should be. via Nvidia software and HW monitor what the same .Let me know if you guys have an idea thanks.
That card's TDP is only 170W. There's no way that it's drawing double that because it would be melting and/or its fans would be spinning like the props on a Q400. Either there's a sensor that's malfunctioning or that's not really a GTX 670. There's no such thing as golden sample silicon that can handle double its rated wattage without using LN2 cooling.

In any case, a GTX 670 is only useful as a 1080p video adapter these days, albeit one that draws way too much power.