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This PSU is labeled a dual 12v rail PSU but in fact it is single rail design see bottom of overview page for specifics:

Other than the connectors(molex to PCIE adapter) you will have no issue.

The GTX 670 is a 170 watt card, 170w / 12v = 14.1 amps. We are talking 28.2 amps for the two cards which this PSU can deliver with plenty to spare for CPU etc.

My vote is your golden.
What is the exact PSU model? They differ a lot even though they are rated for 620w, it can deliver less or more.

Seasonic usually makes great PSUs, but you would be cutting it VERY close with a 620w...

EDIT : OK i see you added the link, sorry.

You shoudl be fine, close though. Just do not OC on that little pwoer.

Correct me if i'm wrong but this is how I understand it... So that PSU has 2 12v rails... each with 24amps on it... meaning each one can supply 288w (12x24). I thought the CPU and GPU's used 12v rails... Meaning he would have 1 GPU on 1 12v rail and then his CPU + GPU on the second... Meaning he would only have 288w for 1 GPU + CPU. That seems like he is going to be cutting it pretty close, if it indeed works the way i thought it did. He might be able to get by but it would be with very little to no overclocking and would push one rail pretty close to its limit (not a good idea).

Does your PSU have one or two 12v rails? That is the main issue here. His 620w PSU is basically split in half on 2 rails, so one GPU and his CPU have to share half the PSU: 288w (12v x 24amps = 288w). Not knowing your PSU but i would assume it is something like one 12v rail with 48-52 amps. Making it so your PSU can be fully used (all 600ish watts) by both GPUs and CPU.

In his situation about 118w (288w - 170w(1gpu max power usage))is not going to be used.. Meaning he is really only able to use ~500w of his PSU. If it indeed works the way I understand it to work.

Hmm after more thinking... It might be using one rail just for CPU... leaving the other rail (288w) for both GPU's... I am unsure about this so would like some feedback if i am misleading him in anyway.

To be fair, I hear very bad things about the "extreme" series. And both I have owned have given me issues as well.

Do you know how many 12v rails your PSU has? and how many AMPS per rail? or maybe a model number? Just want to know because if yours is truly setup like his (two 12v rails with 24 amps each) then he might be alright...

Corsair HX620's are the PSU's that I'm using.

Ah see yours has Three 12v rails with 18 amps (216w) on each rail, Meaning you will have 216w for your CPU, and 216w for each GPU, That is why you don't have any power issues... His on the other hand will be close to if not overloading one of the 12v rails. I would suggest getting a new PSU OP. It is better to be safe than sorry, and you would be really pushing it with that PSU.

Hey, I liked the first one so much I bought another one and then built a rig to put it in! :lol:

Hahaha I have had that thought with some chassis before. Haha end up suggesting it to friends just so that I can build it again!

EDIT : Just realized how much of a geek I am... :heink:


Oct 28, 2012
Since cable mangement was pain in the ass..

If I were to get a new PSU,(Made by seasonic), can I just unplug all the wires, remove the PSU, Install the new PSU and just reconnect the wires? or do I have to unwire EVERYTHING and then start again?
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