GTX 670 started overheating?


Apr 25, 2016
I found a really good deal on a EVGA GTX 670 2GB that would be perfect as a e-gpu for my laptop, the seller is litterly selling it at the same price as a GT 730 2GB. The seller posted it as parts only and stated "Started overheating about a month ago, I tried to replace the thermal paste but this did not help. The fans do spin and you do get picture when you plug the monitor into it, but during gaming it will overheat rapidly and force the computer to shut down." I never heard of a scenario where the graphics card started overheating randomly and replacing themal place did not help unless the heatsink is clogged up with dust but on the pictures it looks really clean and the blower fan has pretty normal amount of dust on it. Should I take the gamble and get it or could it be something serious? I have excatly the same card in my main rig and it's watercooled, so even if I can't get it to not overheat, I can take out the card out of my rig, put the stock blower on it, and use that as my e-gpu and put the waterblock on the overheating card and use it in my main rig.


Retired Moderator
TIM only impacts the ability to transfer heat - if the fan is dusty (might appear to be "normal", but inside may differ) that would impede airflow.

If it's truly a heat concern, then cleanign the current shroud/heatsink, or replacing it should fix it just fine