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GTX 680 - bit of info from the Kepler world


May 29, 2008
A source over @ PNY gave me some info figured I would pass it along...

PNY Announces Innovative XLR8™ GeForce® GTX 680 Graphics Card
First Launch from NVIDIA® Kepler Family

Parsippany, NJ – March 22, 2012 – PNY Technologies®, Inc. (“PNY”) today announced the release of the much anticipated XLR8™ GeForce® GTX 680 2048MB GDDR5 graphics card. A first launch from the NVIDIA® 28nm Kepler family of graphics cards, the PNY GeForce GTX 680 delivers more than just state-of-the-art features and technology. It houses truly game-changing performance that taps into the powerful next-generation GeForce architecture to redefine smooth, seamless, lifelike gaming.

The innovative new GeForce architecture was designed to deliver power-efficient performance that’s faster, smoother, and richer than current graphics cards on the market. Featuring a host of new technology advancements, the GTX 680 was specially designed for quiet gaming with acoustic dampening materials, a high efficiency embedded heat pipe, and a custom stack-shaped fin for better airflow.

GPU Boost: brand new technology that offers additional power without overclocking and dynamically maximizes clock speeds to push performance levels for faster gaming

Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing (FXAA): adds a lightning-fast, automatic anti-aliasing technique to a huge variety of games for superior image quality and performance

Adaptive Vertical Sync Mode: adjusts VSync to current frame rates for maximum playability, in a fast and seamless way for smoother gaming

Single GPU 3D Vision® Surround: gamers can now experience simultaneous quad-monitor support on a single GPU - for a game visual spread across three monitors, plus one additional monitor for email, chat, web browsing and more

PhysX®: delivers a rich, immersive gaming experience with new dynamic physical environments like fracture and fur

“This next-generation Kepler card is chock-full of impressive new technologies and features, such as GPU Boost and Adaptive Vertical Sync, that gamers will surely appreciate,” said Nicholas Mauro, senior marketing manager, PC components for PNY. “The ability to have a single game play spread across three monitors is a huge advancement within the gaming market.”

PNY will offer consumers a value-added bundle version: the GTX 680 graphics card coupled with a PNY 16ft. Smart Active High Speed HDMI® Cable. A $29.99 value, the HDMI cable connects the GTX 680 directly to an HDTV or monitor for maximum high definition 1080p gaming. PNY’s Smart Active HDMI Cable features built-in chip technology that delivers a 10.2Gbps per second bandwidth stream for flawless HD performance.

• BUS Technology: PCI Express 3.0
• CUDA Cores: 1536
• Core Clock (MHz): 1006 MHz
• Boost Clock (MHz): 1058 MHz
• Memory Amount: 2048MB GDDR5
• Memory Interface: 256-bit
• Memory Frequency (effective): 6.0 Gbps
• Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec): 192.0
• Texture Fill Rate: 128.8
• Power and Thermal: 195W-Active
• Outputs: DVI-I + DVI-I + HDMI + DisplayPort
• MSRP: $499 (after $30 Mail-In Rebate)

Key Features
• NVIDIA Adaptive Vertical Sync
• NVIDIA Surround™
• Support for four concurrent displays including:
- Two dual-link DVI
- HDMI® 1.4
- DisplayPort 1.2
• Microsoft® DirectX® 11 with DirectCompute
• 5.0 support
• NVIDIA PhysX® technology
• NVIDIA 3D Vision®-Ready
• NVIDIA CUDA® technology
• PCI Express 3.0 support
• Open GL 4.2 support
• OpenCL™ support

Additionally, consumers who purchase a PNY GTX 680 will receive a bonus 3 month subscription to E-Sports Entertainment (ESEA) Premium Video Game Network. ESEA is a video game solution provider, specializing in community tools, proprietary anti-cheat technology, custom server modifications, and an extensive network of premium game servers. Users can learn, play, practice and compete all with an ESEA Premium subscription.

PNY offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty for the entire XLR8 GeForce GTX Series, including the GTX 680 graphics card. Users have a standard 1-year out of box warranty, extended to the lifetime of the original purchaser upon completion of product registration at PNY.com within 90 days of purchase. PNY also offers free 24-hour technical support.

The PNY GTX 680 will be available for purchase at select e-tailers, retailers, and PNY.com. For more information on the complete line of products that PNY has to offer, visit www.PNY.com. For the gaming enthusiast, visit PNY’s on-line gaming portal at www.www.XLR8gaming.net to participate in forums, special offers, contests and tournaments taking place now! Gamers can also check out compLexity Gaming – one of the world’s most prolific gaming organizations. PNY holds the distinct honor of being the “Official Video Card and PC Memory Sponsor" of compLexity Gaming.




I guess you missed the part about "extended to the lifetime of the original purchaser upon completion of product registration at PNY.com within 90 days of purchase".


I was skeptical of PNY when I got my GTX 580. I did some research and even started a thread on these forums for feedback. So far, there has been nothing negative at all. With the lifetime warranty and great extras in the box it ended up being a really good value. The free 10 foot HDMI cable alone is worth about $50.


Nov 26, 2009

Maybe if you get one from Best Buy....

But PNY seems like a good brand, extra's are always nice.

That's good to know. Was wondering whether or not the PNY was a good brand. However a 10 foot HDMI cable is only worth less than 10$.


Jul 9, 2008
I used to own a PNY 4200ti back in the day, the card failed after 18 months. PNY where really good. they had a direct number to their tech team and RMA-ed the card with no fuss. Then 12 months later that card failed as well, so i called them back, and they gave me a 5600LE in return, Which is still working in my old computer to this day.
The staff where really good, and most companies only replace a product once, then the warranty is over.


Dec 19, 2011

I really hope you haven't paid $50 bucks for an hdmi cable lol.


May 29, 2008
PNY is a great brand, Was my first video card purchase with my hard-earned cash back in the day. I usually use PNY but if there are substantially lower priced brands, i won't hesitate. IMO, PNY is right up there with EVGA and MSI in terms of quality.

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