GTX 680 Classified aftermarket cooler installation


Nov 28, 2012
Hi, I'm planning to install an Arctic Accelero Xtreme III on my GTX 680 Classified. I was told no one has done it to anyone's knowledge on the EVGA forums. I think it will be possible after looking at the PCB myself and examining the parts included with the cooler. I have installed similar coolers on reference boards and never had any issues.

I'm away they Classified has a significantly different PCB and VRM placement which is why I have put this off for awhile. I read an article where they reviewed the Accelero Xtreme III on an ASUS GTX 680 Direct CU II TOP card and against it's 3 slot cooler which the Arctic handily beat by a wide margin. It is also built on a custom PCB with a very similar VRM layout.

My question is, having never had issues in the past, if for some reason I am unable to cool the VRM or vRAM sufficiently what would be the warning signs? Will the card shut off on it's own and if not what are the risks of it overheating and damaging too quickly for me to stop it? Any info or tips would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Arctic Accelero Xtreme III with ASUS GTX 680 Direct CU II TOP article link: