Gtx 680 not getting enough juice ?


Apr 10, 2010
So i recently upgraded my gpu from a msi gtx 560 to a asus gtx 680 oc .
Now its not that im unhappy with the card but it almost feels as if its not running up to its potensial. The frame rate increase i have experienced isint that monumental especially in call of duty games.
i am pretty sure my cpu is not bottlenecking since i have a core i5 2500k @ 4.5 ghz.
now what i have thought it could be is that my power supply is not supplying enough power making it run less frames or something is this possible ? i have a 600 watt power supply.
I am not being ungratefull i just feel a gtx 680 should have a big improvement over a gtx 560 considering its the fastest single gpu at the moment or am i missing something Oo? thanks for replies <3


Nov 22, 2012
Call of Duty games run on virtually the same engine as Modern Warfare 1 and are pretty much as direct ports from the console version as you can get. That said, they are that much easier to run and should not be used for benchmarking when comparing GPU performance.
From what I can find, an inadequate power supply would cause worse problems than low frame rates: crashes, system reboots, etc. However, indicates that a GTX 680 requires at least a 550W power supply (the 600W psu you mentioned satisfies this) and 38 amps on the +12V rail (I don't know whether you have this because you haven't specified the model of power supply)

What resolution are you running at (on how many monitors), what are you using to check your framerates, and do you have vertical sync enabled?

What are the actual framerates you're getting before and after, and how big an improvement were you expecting?
If you were already getting like 120+ fps in those games... switching to the 680 would show next to no improvement... Due to the fact that your CPU would be limiting you. But if you where getting something like 40-50 fps with the 560... the GTX 680 should give you closer to 80-100... You really just need to give us the stats...
Those scores seem about right.. I'm not at home so i can't link my scores but i do remember them some what.
My graphics score was 11770 but my GTX 680 clocked at 1280 Mhz, so yours is in the right range... Mine also showed my GPU clock as being 700Mhz by 3dmark11, just ignore that it is meaningless.
My physics score was right around 8700... but my CPU is also clocked to 4.8Ghz, so once again seems like a reasonable score for you maybe a bit low.
My combined was right around 8500... again your scores seem fine a bit low though.

Ah i found the link i had posted a week ago with it... here you go