Question GTX 680 Update?


Jan 25, 2009
Hey all, I believe its time for an upgrade, I have been out of the loop for a few years because there was plenty of horsepower to go around. but with the new Modern warfare on PC my graphics are struggling. and im lookin for new card setup, First off i will only run nVidia cards, I also prefer SLI, so even if i start with 1 card i will get s second card soon after.

Im looking at a upgrading to a 3440 x 1400 widescreen monitor, looking for 80 to 100fps minimum

The Rig
Dual GTX 680 SLI
Intel I7 4770k processor
Asus z87 Pro mb
16gb ddr
1000 watt PS, 5 + years old
Pushing (3) 20" monitors 4800x 900 Resolution

4800 x 900 Current perf in Battlefield 4 (80-100 fps ultra settings), (MW 20-35FPS low settings)
1080P MW medium settings (40 - 60fps)

thanks for the help
Hey there,

Well, firstly, I'd drop SLI altogether, and just move on from that. In it's hayday, it wasn't supported that well, and didn't scale too well either. That's even more so now. The single best card you can buy is always the best way to go.

WIth that said, although your main system is dated, it's still pretty relevant gaming wise, and still solid enough. I wouldn't be putting anything in there more than a RTX2060 Super or RX 5700/XT. Your system is still relevant, but in some games it will hold back modern GPU's. Your CPU would drive a 2060 Super IMO, without much of a bottleneck, if any. It would be far superior than the SLI config you currently have, but after that I would be looking at a platform upgrade to stay relevant.

Regarding the monitor upgrade, well, it's even more important to consider a platform upgrade, along with a single GPU setup to get the results you want with the monitor you intend to purchase.