GTX 680SO PCI-E Expess problem?


Jan 5, 2013
My Gigabyte Geforce 680SO only runs at pci-e 1.1 x16@x1 all the time.Should it not be running at pci-e 1.1 x16@x16, and change to pci-e 2.0 x16@x16 when the gpu is under load?

System Specs

Asus Maximus V Gene Z77 motherboad
Intel Core i7 2700k
8gb corsair vengence DDR3 ram
1tb Western Digital black cavair HD
1000 watt Cooler Master Silent Pro psu
do you have other cards using the pci-e lanes? or perhaps extra sata ports that might use them?

but im also thinking that having that kind of board should have more than enough lanes and should not resort to limiting the lanes electronically. i'm just guessing here lol