Question gtx 750 ti problems or not?

May 27, 2020
I have a low pc
ryzen 3 1200
MB gigabyte ab350m-ds3h v2
hyperx 8gb 2666
psu seasonic 500w s12III
ssd 256gb plextor m.2
ssd 512gb plextor sata
hdd 1TB
hdd 500GB
zotac gtx 750 ti
My problems:
If i leave in bios pci pci express -to auto i have some problems.
Very random,( almost all freeze is on idle) i have freeze.
PC freeze, no blue screen, nothing.
only freeze and after 10 second i get restart.
No other error.
5-10-20 days it is posible i not have any problems.
Then, again freeze, and after pc run ok.
I run furmark, occt,memtest, no error, nothing.

Sometimes i get other error/problems.
If i do update driver for usb, or if i change from pci auto to 1 or 2, very rare usb 2.0 stop working.

Example: last week i change from pci -1 to pci 2 save.
PC boot and usb 2.0 not working
I have power on usb, on keyboard led is on but not working.
Mouse the same, but no led on.
if I connect the phone i see it is charging.
usb 3.0 is working with keyboard and mouse.
I give restart and is working.

In event viewer i have error power kernel 41
In 6 month i have 1 blue screen something with ahci driver dmp- ntoskrnl.exe PSHED.DLL
In windows-livekernelreport -watchdog i have some dmp files with

Now, if i setting in bios pci to 1 or 2 it looks like i not have problems.
pci express x16 1.1 or 2.0
If i leave auto or 3.0 i have problems
Freeze, usb 2.0 sometimes after update driver or some change in bios not working.

Where you think is problems?
motherboard or video card?


Aug 4, 2014
Are your motherboard BIOS and chipset drivers up to date? There are some updates that might be relevant:

(NOTE: BIOS updates have some risk, you need to make sure you follow the directions closely - for example, you can't jump to F50 without updating to F31 first.

GA-AB350M-DS3H V2 | Motherboard - GIGABYTE

BIOS 'F50'

  1. Update AMD AGESA B
  2. Improve system boot time
  3. Improve RAID function compatibility
  4. Improve PCIe device compatibility

May 27, 2020
Yes, i have last bios F51
About driver, i have last driver from nvidia and chipset amd from

But i have try also 10 version of driver, from old to new.
Same problems.
It's a little weird

If i leave in bios pci to 1 or 2 pc run ok.

If il leave auto or 3.0 i have problems.

In windows-livekernelreport i have dmp files something about driver nvidia.
But sometimes usb 2.0 not working

If I didn't have a problem with USB, I would say that the video card is having problems