Gtx 750 ti with 240 w psu

Jun 11, 2018
Hello I have an optiplex 390 mini tower with a 240 w psu
It has 8 gb of ram core i7 2600 500 gb hdd and the rest are original products for the pc (motherboard optiplex 390, etc)
I want to buy a graphics card that doesnt need a new psu or motherboard.
I considered the gtx 750 ti but I dont know if it will work with what I have. If you know please tell me and if it doesnt give me a choice for gaming. Thanks to anyone who answers
Oct 28, 2017
The 750Ti is rated at 75W and your CPU is rated at 95W. That's 170W for the CPU and GPU alone which leaves only about 70W for the rest of the system which is a tad on the inadequate side, I'm afraid.

So either upgrade your PSU to at least 350W or get a GT1030 that draws only 30W but performs comparably to 750 Vanilla. The 1030 is so power efficient that there are even passive cooled variants available which really sip on power.

If your CPU had a TDP of 65W then I'd have definitely recommended The 750Ti.

Hope it helps!
Dell rates their PSUs at a continuos rating, not the peak rating that aftermarket PSUs use. They can power all the slots and bays in the computer. The GTX 750 will be no problem with the 240W PSU, and a GTX 1050Ti will run also. The DT case has few expansion slots and drive bays to power.