Question GTX 760 & Asus ROG STRIX B660-i: does not show BIOS until OS is loaded... what might be causing this?

Aug 15, 2022
Interesting behaviour.

My setup: Asus ROG STRIX B660-i, i5-12600K, GTX 760 (i know ... working on gegtting a new GPU but this will suffice for now).

I'm having an interesting situation where I cannot get the BIOS options to show up on screen during boot up if I have my HDMI connected to the video card. A few scenarios:
  1. HDMI plugged into onboard GPU: BIOS screen shows, OS show on monitor
  2. HDMI plugged into discrete GPU (GTX 760): BIOS does NOT show, OS will show up on monitor once it has loaded.
I surmise that for some reason, without the drivers that are auto-loaded when the OS itself loads, the motherboard cannot detect my PCI-E GTX 760.

The INTERESTING piece to this is when plugged into my GTX 760: if I clear my CMOS in BIOS prior to the first boot, BIOS will show up (ie. press F1 to run BIOS for the first time) options.
The moment I re-start after that, BIOS will no longer show up.

Is there a clear explanation for this behaviour, particularly the piece of BIOS showing up when I clear the CMOS, but not afterwards?

I suspect my card is just too old for my new mobo/CPU combo and if I purchased a modern GPU, I'd have no issues. Is there some BIOS setting that would recognize my GPU right off the bat? I'm confused.


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Jun 12, 2015
Which version of windows?
If windows 10, try turning this off -
I assume you using a SSD so no need for fast startup.

  1. go to settings/update & security/recovery
  2. under advanced startup, click restart now button
  3. this restarts PC in a blue menu
  4. choose troubleshoot
  5. choose advanced
  6. choose UEFI Firmware Interface
  7. PC should restart and put you in the bios
BIOS doesn't need drivers to see GPU.

Do you have newest BIOS on motherboard?

I think behaviour is to do with boot method.

The answer here suggests its normal but one below it disagrees. It depends on age of Motherboard, but yours new enough for this not to apply -
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Aug 15, 2022
For those who might come across this issue: this is what solved it

Essentially - older GPUs without the "GOP" driver might have issues when booting with BIOS that have Secure Boot enabled / CSM disabled by default. Adjusting these settings resulted in a working system.
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