GTX 760 - GTX 660 SLI - GTX 970 What to buy?

Jan 11, 2014
Hi everyone
These days I’m planning to buy a used graphic card. But I have no idea about performance differences in following setups.

1). GTX 760 ($78.39)
2).GTX 660 SLI ($54.27) (Already have a one)
3).GTX 960 ($108.54)

But when I went through some benchmark results I noticed that 660 SLI perform much better than both single 760/960. So what will be the worthy choice that I can make?
Assume If I get that 760, will I be able to run both cards without using SLI. In this case I know that SLI will not work but I have seen some “Youtubers” used to run deferent graphic cards some times. So if I make that 760 the primary card then what else can I do with 660? Can i keep it as secondary card? So I can use it pass-through for VMs like
At the moment I have,

Pentium G4400------------ (Planning to buy an i5 6400)
B150M D3H
GTX 660 Gigabyte OC 2GB---------?
700W PSU

Thank you!
Don't bother with SLI - few games support it, and sometimes it hurts performance rather than helps it. It can also be difficult to set up. DISCLAIMER: going by what I've read. I've never actually done SLI.

If you're going to upgrade, the 760 doesn't make enough difference to justify the upgrade.

I cannot speak as to running multiple different model video cards - I have no knowledge on how that works.

Am I correct in assuming you're running a 1920x1080 @ 60Hz monitor?


Sell the 660 and grab the 960. From someone who previously had SLI and unfortunately is going to have to use it again (I don't have money for a GPU but own two EVGA GTX 550 ti's 2gb) the support is pretty poor nowadays. Fortunately though the games where I do need the extra performance of a second card do actually support SLI so I'm hoping these 6 yrs cards hold up until I can afford a good GPU.

For Nvidia SLI it needs to be the same GPU but you can mix manufacturers. Don't bother using a 760 with a 660 as all your going to be able to do is use it for a dedicated PhysX card which is kind of pointless nowadays.