Gtx 770 2gb SLI Vs. Gtx 780 ti SC


Jul 12, 2014
I currently have a amd 7970 ghz, and now i want to upgrade my rig with a new gpu.
But, i just can't decide on wich og these i should go with? I want to be able to max games out with a decent rate of FPS. Please help :D
I will also be recording gameplay and will be playing on a single monitor, with a second monitor for movies and stuff :D
Please help :D
What resolution is that single monitor that you will be gaming on?

But GTX 770 SLI will definitely beat a GTX 780 Ti in terms of raw power. But at higher resolution, the small 2GB VRAM of the GTX 770 can start to cause more of an effect.


2 x 770's cost about $610. A gtx780ti $630.

2 x 770's in SLI will perform about 20% better than a 780ti

2 x 770s will need an 850W power supply. A 780ti will need a 600W power supply.

It's not worth upgrading 2 770's to 3 770's - they don't scale well for 3 cards.

A GTX 780ti will sli and scale well with a second 780ti

780ti's use the newer gk110 gpu. The 770's us the gk104 gpu - from the gtx 680.

For 1080p on a single monitor, a 770 would be OK. a 780 would be good. A 780ti would be real good. 2 x 770s would be great.

Yes; go with a GTX 770 SLI. Definitely would be overpowered. But that's a good thing. :D