Gtx 770 Gigabyte - Smoke and sparks when turned on


Dec 28, 2017
As mentioned in the title, gtx 770 gigabyte smokes and sparks when turned on.
Computer was fine up until the other week when it randomly turned off and kept restarting itself. Stuck in an endless loop.
Removed ram, checked all cables etc... and found that the only way for the computer to turn on would be if I removed the PCI-E cables from the graphics card. Computer would start although no visuals on the screen (obviously).
Once I plugged the pci-e cables in (computer was turned off) and turned the computer back on, sparks/smoke instantly shot of out the graphics card.
Note that the PSU is 750W and only replaced 6 months ago.
Any ideas ? Is the graphics card completely fried or may it be there’s an issue with PSU cable
Definitely stop trying to use it. It's a fire hazard and could do more damage to your PC. Also contact the manufacturer. They'll likely want to get it into their labs to figure out what went wrong. If there is some design or manufacturing defect. It could be a danger to others and a liability for them.

I don't know when you bought it. Their warranty is three years.