gtx 780 sli gtx 780 ti sli


May 12, 2014
OK so I have two 780s SC in SlL configuration , I can still return the products and get my money back but Im not sure, here is the question I just play on a single 1080p monitor and later on im going to upgrade to a new monitor with 144hz refresh rate , but it is worth it to get The 780 Ti's in SLI , or is not going to make a difference on 1080p monitor? need help guys
Few people realize with a 144Hz screen you need twice the performance of a 60Hz screen to really make use of it. Yes, I'd stick with the two 780's. Much more power than a single 780ti. You don't need two 780ti's unles you have one of those larger displays, like the new 4K ones.