Question Gtx 780m replacement?

Sep 5, 2019
Hi all!

So, here's probably a stupid inquiry but I'm curious as to if it will even work. I bought a gaming laptop for dirt cheap yesterday, it's an older (2013-2015) Asus ROG laptop with an i7 4700hq, 24gb 1600mhz ddr3 ram, gtx 780m 4gb gpu. I find its more than powerful enough for editing and multitasking, but is slightly lacking in its gaming performance. I've fully cleaned and did a clean install of all drivers which did help a bit, however I cant get a crisp 60fps in most games, and even getting 40-45 plus is a challenge on a game like Apex.

Through researching, I've found most people opt. for an external gpu which is kinda of what I was going to do at first... until I found out that the laptop uses a full size gpu inserted into its own pci-e slot! would it be possible to use a regular desktop gpu, strip it down like the one in the laptop and simply swap it out? I know for sure it would have to be a gpu with no external power requirements, however would something like this be even possible???

Curious as to what you all think or know.



No, the GPU is custom shaped. You'll need to find a matching GPU for you laptop model, with a heatsink (from ebay possibly, recovered from a more powerful laptop model). You'll need also to flash=modificate the BIOS or mod the driver in order for the system to recognise new (unsupported) GPU.