GTX 960 detected as 750 ti in win 10

Henrik Mortensen

Mar 4, 2014
Just installed windows 10 on my rig, which is a few years old. The GPU is detected as a GTX 750ti, but is a 960 - how do I solve this?! I have installed the latest drivers, and tried and installing/uninstalling multiple times, but nothing seems to solve it.

Thank you in advance.


as hangthe9 said

if you bought this card from a fly by night retailer or ebay ??? then if you bought it from a authorized retailer like newegg then contact them for a refund/ rma

I just don't see the OS changing how it reads the devices ID

why not post us a screen shot of GPUZ as well

then I wonder if there back to doing this as they claim here with the gtx 970 ??

''Furthermore, as we mentioned in our GTX 980 review, GTX 970 has been a pure virtual (no reference card) launch, which means all of NVIDIA’s partners are launching their custom cards right out of the gate. A lot of these have been recycled or otherwise only slightly modified GTX 700/600 series designs,''

maybe they just using up old gtx 750 ti's and making 960's out of them ??

maybe a windows 10 thing ?/

win-10 [ha, ha, ha, ha ] what a joke I gues that's what you gt with a OS that knows better then you do and auto applies that



Yeah, I'm one of those that went back to Win7 so I'd have some control over my machine again. And to have a stable OS. And to limit some of M$'s invasiveness. Never thought I'd miss Bill Gates at the helm.


notice how Microsoft came up with them windows update rollup's ? [more like rollover] so you cant pick and choose what updates you want or don't , you take them all or take nothing good or bad . thay figured out how to keep folks from declining all there telemetry and GWX [get windows 10 ] updates .

my trust in Microsoft is about gone

''The downside''

or jump through hoops and use and weed out all from the update catalog [joke]