Question GTX 960 GPU 8 pin power supply issue

Apr 29, 2020
Hello, everyone. I'm new here and I'm not too experienced building PCs. I am trying to give life again to some old hardware I have, and I encountered an issue. I want to install a GTX 960 (EVGA) in my computer, but I realized my (newest and best) power supply unit does not have the 8 pin connector that the GPU comes with. It's a Thermaltake PP-450NL1NC and only has 6 pin, or 4 pins in a row. I've surfed a bit and found several answers to this but some were a bit contradictory, so I chose to ask specifically for the hardware I have. I wouldn't want to buy another PSU, since in fact this is quite old and I'm not trying to build a super PC. I would just want to use what I have. Is there any possibility to make this compatible? I saw that maybe I can plug in the 6 pin anyway, or 2 of the 4 pin in a row, or use an adapter. I really don't know. Any help or advice is appreciated.
Thank you all very much in advance, and stay safe.


Apr 5, 2020
adapters are pretty bad solution in every case posible,if you put a 6 pin cable in a gpu with 8 pin connectors there is a possibility you can fry it,so my advice is to buy a new psu.Try to choose a brand you trust and that is well review,dont go cheap on the psu because that can really damage your pc.Go for like a 450w 80+ certification one (or go with more wattage if you want)

Check this one out:

You can choose whatever wattage you want,but i think 450W will be enough since you said you want to give life to your pc and some gaming.

Good luck :)
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Agreed - the PSU is a safety device, and is NOT something you want to cut corners on.

single-6-pin-to-single-8-pin adapters are a fire hazard. Likewise with molex-to-PCIe adapters.

Get a better PSU. And yes, even the "lowly" Corsair CX450 (2017 revision, with the 5 year warranty) will be good for the job.