Question Gtx 970 dual monitor issues, shows mon 2 during bios mon 1 during windows never both


Jun 20, 2013
Tried to get as much detail in the title as possible but to hash it out in more words, i recently had to switch my gpu to a gtx 970 but kept the same rig, monitors etc. Previous cards include an rx560 and a gt730, both set up with the same cables and same monitors. My motherboard is an amd bazooka b450, and previously worked with my rx560 up until the card went out.
connections are, monitor 1 hdmi, monitor 2 dvi

During bios up until the windows login screen monitor 2 is on, displaying properly, and is where my bios displays if i enter the bios settings to change things around. Monitor 1 gets switched too as soon as its time for my windows password. Bios and win10 both show the devices as connected, ive gone through nvidea control panel settings, display settings for windows, and device manager and i cant seem to figure out why i cant use extended display mode.

edit: tried everything i could think of to add screencaps of the settings but the forum doesnt let me post them, let me know if theres a way to do so if you need any info to help out with my question, dxdiag etc