Question GTX 970 Fail to start after Transportation

Aug 17, 2019
Hello everyone,

I shipped my computer tower (to myself in another country) through a shipping company last week. Unfortunatly it seems that the graphic card, a GTX 970, is not working anymore.

Transportation conditions:
  • I shipped my entire tower without removing any component (It was probably stupid of me)
  • The tower was in a big box (not the original box) surrounded my a nearly infinite layers of plastic bubbles paper (whatever you call it).
  • The tower was very stable inside the box. ( But i guess the component inside the tower could move a lot during transportation).
  • When I start my computer, many artifact appears on the windows loading screen.
  • My computer either keep rebooting until reaching the windows diagnotic/repair screen or sometime manage to go to the window desktop but
with artifact everywhere and with a very small resolution (that i cannot change).
- The GPU fans are running for like 5s when I boot the PC and then stop.

What I tried so far:
  • Put the GPU in another PCIe slot ===> no success
  • Unplug, replug the power supply cable connected to the GPU ===> no success
  • Clean the PCIe connectors on the GPU (by hand) ===> no success
  • Remove the GPU and connect the HDMI cable to the integrated GPU (Intel HD 560) ==> The PC works perfectly fine.
Some thoughts:
  • I guess it is not a software problem as the GPU started to fail after the transportation.
  • How can I be sure that It is a problem related to the GPU and not the Power supply ? (Maybe the power supply is partially broken and not enough power is sent to the GPU)
What do you think it can be ? and is there anyway I can fix the GPU (if it is the problem) ?