Question GTX 970 not working in new build


Sep 25, 2011
Alright so never really posted on a forum before but I seem to be out of my depth on this one...

I recently had an issue with my old pc build that prompted me to upgrade some pieces my GPU was not one of these pieces as it was working great previously. New pieces are as listed.

Mobo: Asus prime z490-A
CPU: intel i9 10900k
RAM: G.skill Ripjaw 2x16gb ddr4 3600mhz
PSU: EVGA P850GM 80+ gold certified.

I also got a new aio cooler for the cpu which is working fine. When I initially put everything together I got no post at all and on the motherboard the dram led was coming on so I tried the other channels and rebooted and then got the vga and boot leds coming on. I was using the dvi ports on my 970 and read on another post that the z490 sometimes takes offense to that so I tried to use hdmi instead and still same issue. So I switched to the onboard hdmi and windows booted just fine. After updating all my drivers for the motherboard and changing bios settings I finally got the mobo to recognize my graphics card as being installed. I was still only able to use the hdmi port from my gpu and then the onboard hdmi for multi monitor and that was fine for a few hours until windows crashed. After that my graphics card would stop windows from booting if I was trying to output any display from it regardless of whether I had it set as my main display or cpu graphics as main display in bios settings. I read that possibly updating to the newest bios version would help with this so I decided to do a fresh install of everything including windows, so I went ahead with that (with other issues popping up in this process but I got through that) and am currently on a fresh install of windows, all updated mobo drivers and updated nvidia graphics drivers and the newest BIOS version for my motherboard successfully installed. The computer runs fine as long as I don't try to use my gpu as in output from it at all. As soon as I plug in an hdmi (which worked for awhile on this new build) my computer will freeze and I have to power off and remove the cable and reboot to get windows to boot again. I am getting to the point that I feel like my graphics card is not working anymore at all but I am still curious if there are bios settings that I should look at cause I am not particularly familiar when playing around with these things. All my previous builds have pretty much been plug everything in and it worked with minor exceptions and I have no experience with over clocking or anything like that. I dont have access to another graphics card right now due to a stay at home order (covid related) but that expires Tuesday and I can test my card in my brothers build and vice versa but in the meantime want to continue troubleshooting.

Thanks in advance for any ideas you may have