GTX 970 Pink and Green screen.


Dec 1, 2017

First of all I want to share my PC Components with you so you can help me better:
Intel i7-4790K
16 GB (2x8GB) Corsair vengeance 1666 Mhz
Hyper Evo 212
ASUS Z97-A motherboard
Cooler Master CM Force 500 Pc Case with some extra fan
My PC is around 3 years old. I bought it from a Swedish guy about a year ago with very old case and build it back with cm force 500. Nearly for a year it worked well but 2-3 months ago a problem occured.
When I use my GTX 970 first (2 months ago) I was getting glitching screen with pink, white and green pixels and eventually freeze to white screen and I have to force restart.
By time it started to happen more frequently and I cleaned pc and build it again with new case cm force 500. (First one was something from 90's)
After sometime problem occured again. Also I was getting Display Driver stopped responding and has recovered error but rarely because mostly it crashes directly to white or black screen.
Right now even when I open pc the screen is flickering with weird colors and if I keep using it sometimes it crashes again. Even boot up and BIOS screen is glitched!
Of course I tried to remove drivers with DDU and reinstall thousand of times.
When I reinstall drivers and reseat GPU I may have half hour to use PC without crash.
I also tried older drivers like 350.12 but no difference.
I uninstalled driver and didn't install any driver back and used pc connected to GTX 970 VGA (what I am already doing) but screen was still glitchy when it's using 800x600 nvidia stuff.
Then I took off my GPU out of case and plug HDMI to use Intel integrated Graphics card (Hd 4600), PC was pretty fine without any problem.

Edit: Temperatures are not high, even when playing games.

My questions are;
I think problem is on GPU not on Driver because even when I uninstalled drivers I still got pink screen. Am I right about that?
if I am;
Why it works for a short time (30-50 minutes) after I reseat GPU and reinstall drivers?

I have the check from Sweden (currently living at Germany) but Warranty has expired already and it makes RMA impossible right? I checked internet and nobody fixed this problem with any other way than RMA.

Should I buy a new GPU, is it possible to fix it?
I am currently using integrated graphics card of i7-4790K and it's not enough of course.

What caused that problem? if it happened because of something specific I will be more careful next time to prevent something like this.

(I never used Overclock feature, but maybe guy before me did it.)

Some other guys had same/similiar problem with me;

I can answer any question you want to know about the situation. Also I recorded videos and took photos of the glitch, I can send it if you want to see.
Thanks a lot if you read it. It's a huge wall of text. Sorry for English mistakes it's not my Native language.

GPU is dying. I don't think it's anything you did, it just happens to old components (and if it is outside warranty period, it is old). About fixing it - google 'GPU baking', but that's as much possible to temporarily fix it as to ruin it completely. Anyway, you should start gathering money for new GPU, no matter you decide to do.

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