GTX 970 Power Requirements


Jan 17, 2011
This evening all the parts came for my new PC and I went about putting it together. After 3 and a half hours I got to the final cable(s) - the power for my GPU. I decided I would live on the edge and get myself a CX430M (corsair semi-modular 430W PSU) since the GTX 970 has a pretty low power requirement and I had checked fairly rigorously online with power calculators that I could comfortably use it.

However, it turns out the CX430M - unlike its higher wattage siblings - only comes with one PCI-E connector (6+2 pin). I was more than a little frustrated and thought I'd have to return it, but I read online that most graphics cards come with a MOLEX (?) to 6-pin PCI-E , and that using it in conjunction with the 6-pin that came with the PSU would provide enough power for my graphics card. Still, I'm not sure what this cable looks like, and this all feels a bit like poking around in the dark and I'm worried about damaging something. Can anyone confirm that my power supply is a-okay for the GTX 970 and how exactly I should configure these inputs to work properly?

As a sidenote, if you woefully underpower a component, will it cause lasting damage? I wasn't sure how dangerous playing around with the amount of power being supplied was.