Question gtx 980 display port issues pc doesnt windows boot not even reaching bios logo

Chriss Angeh

Jun 19, 2015
hi guys, so yesterday i got this displayport cable for my aoc 24g2 144hz monitor that i recently obtained, i noticed that when i turn off my pc, and i turn it on , the beep sound from the motherboard is no longer beeping, and my monitor screen is black not even able to reach bios logo, case fans are spinning, gpu as well, cpu fan too, my turn off button doesnt work , reset button the same, so i gotta power it off from the psu, and if i turn it back on the problem persist, so what i gotta do is turn it off from the psu, the voltage regulator, turn everything back on and the pc turn on normally to windows, but if i repeat the previous "turning the pc off and back on " the issue persist. i switched back to hdmi cable did the same process "turning it off and on" and it works as intended no issues with booting.

so i dont know what to do? why is this happening, i was concerned that something from my pc component was not working as intended and that i needed to go for warranty but when using hdmi is not having any issues with booting.

my system:
gtx 980 reference edition
ryzen 5600x
motherboard aorus elite b550m
2x8 3200 ram xpg
cooler master hyper 212 black edition cpu cooler
evga 500w 80 white plus
1tb HDD seagate
500gb SSD crucial mx
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Does it work with an HDMI/VGA cable?

Have you updated your GPU drivers first? Display port cables will not work until this is done. You will need to use an HDMI cable to get into Windows, update your GPU drivers. And then you can use the Display port.

Also, is it a display port 1.2 or 1.4 cable? Since the 980 is an older card, you need to make sure it uses the same version of display port as your monitor.