gtx 980 drivers and nvidia control panel


Aug 21, 2018
hi, i have a lg 25 inch ultrawide and i have 2 gtx 980's in sli. they overheat pretty badly so i thought i might try one card by itself. i turned the pc off took it out and turned the pc on again. the resolution on my ultrawide is 2560 by 1080 but the screen was showing 1920 by 1080 although stretched to cover the entire screen. i dont like this so i go to check nvidia control panel to find that it is non-existant. i have tried reinstalling drivers a couple times but nothing. i just need to get nvidia control panel to work so that i can change res but after reinstalling drivers. the the 980 works as a display output but will not show up in msi afterburner or anything of the kind although it will show in device manager. i have dried uninstalling and re downloading drivers from onboard graphics but it has not worked or achieved anything. ps. i had this problem when i originally got the ultrawide but reinstalling drivers fixed this.
any help is welcome, thankyou in advance :)