Gtx 980 - gtx 970


May 19, 2015
Well im planning on buying a new pc by the end of the month and im really confused abou my gpu here the build im going for :
Cpu : core i7 4790k 4.0G
cpu : cooler : corsair h100i
mobo : asus maximus vii hero
ram : corsair vengeans pro 8gb (2x4)
Ssd : samung 850 evo 120gb
hdd : wd black 1tb
Psu : corsair 750 i plat
Case : nzxt phantom 530

Here comes the problem my gpu i had my mind set on 980 but im getting little tight on budged ofc i can sacrfice some stuff but im not sure anymore
if u noticed im not buying monitors coz i have one im planning on getting 3 more and making a setup in the future when i am able .. so do i really need the 980 that i should lower some stuff in my build or should it go the other way around ?

Side question : i am really really confiused about ether gigabyte g1 or msi i heared that if im gonna do a liquid cooling system in my pc in the future my g1 wont allow it coz of the desien so plz tell me which brand i should go for

Really thanx in advance for taking the time to read this and help guys ^^


If you are not sure than just stick with MSI. (i'd go for the asus strix edition but hey, who am i)

As for the 980, i'd say scrap the Corsair H100i, and replace it with the Cooler Master 212 Hyper Evo. With that cooler you'll still be able to reach great speeds on your CPU. And well.. you'll have a 980 instead of a 970.