Question Gtx 980 with Hp z220

Nov 10, 2020
Hello, i bought a gtx 980 a few days ago hoping to upgrade but upon installation it seems it doesn't want to work. I had a gtx 1050ti in there before and it worked just fine other than some issues which were either from just the psu or both the psu and the card.

I upgraded the psu to a thermaltake smart se2 600w and it works without problem but the gpu doesn't get detected by the computer. The old gtx 1050ti still works if i put it back in but the 980 doesn't. I've heard of people putting 1070 or 1080 in a z220 so it can't just be "incompatible"

If i run the pc with graphics rom on legacy it just does nothing and if i run it in UEFI it gives a gpu error. The gpu was tested and working perfectly before i got it so it can't just be broken itself.

I also updated the bios to the newest version i could find (i got it off the hp website)

Does anyone have an idea what else i could try? Please help i don't want to sit on christmass day looking at my 980.