Question GTX 980ti

So yes I’m asking this lol.

Current system

Ryzen 5 3600
16gb ddr4 3000
240gb Samsung evo nvme ssd drive
1tb sata ssd
2 1tb sata hard drives
GTX 970

This power supply

So what I’m asking is what do you think of a gtx 980ti in this instance? I also do have a 27 inch 144hz free sync monitor.

Previously I had a gtx 1660 Super which ran pretty well. Seeing the 970 still appears to go for around 170 dollars. Since graphics cards are overpriced, considering selling the 970 and getting the 980ti. From looking, it appears that performance would be similar to a 1660 Super or a gtx 1070.

I know it’s a 6-7 year old card, but thoughts?
The GTX 980 ti is better sometimes. Other times the GTX 1070 is better. I'd personally rather have the GTX 1070 for the extra 2GB of vRAM. Be careful buying these cards in particular because they've been through more than just this last mining craze and they are starting to get a bit old now. You could get a card that won't last long or you might get a dud. Be sure to buy from sellers who at least offer a 30 day return policy if you can find any sellers offering that and check the feedback. The GTX 970 is still decent at 1080p for respectable settings in most games and should get around 60 fps. With FSR you should be able to do pretty good and FSR will likely be in Reshade soon which means you can use it in any game. Someone already got FSR working with GTA V. So I'm sure when when the FSR source code is released it'll be in reshade and you'll be able to use it whenever and however you want. Of course if you do get the GTX 980 ti it'll be a big boost to performance and FSR will add to it even more. There are of course other graphics cards you can consider as well that are around the GTX 1660. The RX 590 and the RX 5500 XT are good choices as well but of course a GTX 980 ti is going to be better if you can find a good one at that price. The one you linked seems like a decent deal and the seller offers a 30 day return policy. So if you want it you should get it.
Question. On the 980ti, how do they do with a free sync monitor? I don’t think they allowed free sync like the newer gpus. How does adaptive sync work? My monitor is a 1080p 27 inch 144 hz. I do for the moment have a 24 inch 60hz hooked up as a secondary. Wondering if any issues I should be concerned about? Trying to land a deal on a 1070, but they keep getting bid up, so considering the 980ti.

the 27 inch free sync is using display port, the other monitor is using hdmi.