Gtx geforce 650 power supply recommendation?


Jan 24, 2013
I just recently purchased a PNY Nvidia Geforce GTX 650 video card, and it seems as if my Inspiron 550 doesn't have enough juice to run it. After I installed the drivers, uninstalled the previous ATI Drivers, I load up my system, and once it gets to the Windows loading screen, it auto-reboots, and gives an "No Image' Display on my lcd monitor.

Im wondering what would be an efficient new PSU for my computer, since the one im running right now is 350w, (the min for the card is 450w)

I ran an ATI Radeon HD 5870 just fine, but i'm relatively unfamiliar with the video card market, so im guessing this recent card is an upgrade.

this is the PSU i'm looking at.
My only worry is that it won't fit into my computer. Inspirons, (even though this is the lower model 550 series which are generally bigger than the 660's, my other PC) are usually a tad smaller than most.

So, any suggestions. tips, or solutions would be much appreciated.


GTX 650 is rated at 64 watts max power consumption, should run on a 350w psu without a problem
What are the system specs ?

As long as the case is mATX almost any standard ATX psu will work ( guessing an Inspiron 550 is the same as a 530 )
If you ran a 5870(thats faster then the 650 and 650 ti btw), a 650 would be like a walk in the park. It must be a driver or compatibility issue.

How many amps do you have on the 12 volt rail(s). Look for a combined number if you are running a multi-rail power supply.

power supply image example(multi rail). Hint, this thing is running a GTX 650ti without issues :)

Please note that not ALL dell power supplies are proprietary.
Do you have Inspiron 550? There is no such Desktop model, only N550 Laptop. You mentioned also that it is larger than 660s (slim), but smaller than the most desktops. Please clarify your Dell model, as standard MT (Mini Tower) Inspiron can accommodate standard ATX PSU. Also, generally all entry level Inspiron MTs have around 300 watt PSU, and you stating 350, hm.