Question GTX NVIDIA 750 Lag

Aug 12, 2019
So I've recently had my GTX 970 give out on me. Not sure why, there wasn't any visible damage to it. So I've since swapped back to my old card the GTX 750. I initially installed it in my mobo's PCI 2.0 slot forgetting I had a PCI 3.0 express slot for my video card. Now in the 2.0 it worked somewhat ok but would have the occasional stutter (fps would drop by about half) in most games but only for a short moment. So I searched for a solution and one person brought up that I could try installing it in my 3.0 express slot, so I did. Now the card is working way worse. I'm getting 20fps in games such as WoW, and my entire pc seems to be bogged down by the card now. I have uninstalled my drivers for the card and the old 970 card as well but when trying to reinstall my 750's drivers it's giving me an error during installation. Also I noticed while watching my cpu usage during the driver install it was jumping from about 18% to 30+% every 5 seconds or so. I'm really not sure what to do at this point and I plan on upgrading my parts as soon as I can afford to. If you have any suggestions I'm all ears.


Check for a newer BIOS for the system, also run DDU to uninstall the drivers, and try the setup of the new ones again. Since you had issues with your 970 and now having issues with the other card, your issue may not be fully with the card but with the computer. Did you test the 970 in another system?