Info gtx RTX 4090 plug problems.


Their have been lots of reports complete with photos of the cards plugs melting , I contacted the company in england who built my last 2 pc's and they admitted that their had been problems with cards they had fitted. Regardless of what caused the problem , if your pc is under guarantee it is their responsibility to sort it. Realising that a melting plug could cause a lot more damage and put them out of pocket they have taken the decision to dump the supplied cables and now use cables custom made for them by Corsair.

So , if you are planning on getting a custom built rig it might be a good idea if you contact the company you intend to deal with and see if they do the same.


Good piece of info! Though it was revealed that the improper seating/connection to the GPU from the PSU was what caused the issue. The guideline now is to make sure your connection is proper whereby you hear the latch click into place as opposed to going along with tactile feel of whether the connector can no longer go in...yeah tight tolerances and novices won't know that until they see the video/demonstration;


Hi Lutfij ..... i watched the video that guy is very clever i have seen his stuff before , the one thing i did pick up from the video was that even AFTER the tab clicks home its not always 100% located and he proved it