Question Gtx1060+ram oc

Jul 16, 2019

I Have an asus Gtx1060 3gb and kingston hyper x beast 16gb 1333mhz. Everything is stock.
I5 6600k. Unfortunately my motherboard is not able to oc the CPU but IM looking forward to oc the 1060 and the 16gb kingston. Then next month I will change the motherboard to oc the CPU. Is that possible to oc gpu and rams because sometimes I get fps drops in bf1, pubg, etc. Or Should I wait till the CPU oc. I also gonna change the rams to hyper x fury 1866mhz 16gb. Should I oc to get more stable fps or Should I Just leave it be.

Thanks 4 help.
What resolution are you playing at? If it's 1080p 60hz, and your playing with high in game settings, then the problem is the 3gb of vram, rather than a lack of system ram or speed of ram.

At 1080p those games you mentioned specifically use more ram than 3gbs at that res. So when it maxes out, you get the game stuttering and drop in FPS.

I wouldn't spend the money on a new mobo and ram for your system. It's a bit of a waste. OC'ing your CPU will not help in those games either. You should really consider a platform upgrade. New CPU/RAM/MOBO and save some parts from your current system to get you up and running.



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