[SOLVED] gtx1080 low fps on all settings

Mar 12, 2019
my system:
ryzen 5 2600 (with stock cooler)
gtx 1080
16gb vengeance ram
msi b450 tomahawk motherboard

hey people, i just got my gigabyte xtreme gaming waterforce 8g and after uninstalling all my previous amd drivers and freshly installing the newest gtx1080 drivers, i jumped into destiny 2 and seemed to get 60fps with regular dips to 50s and even 40s,
destiny 2 isnt that demanding and i get the same fps no matter what settings and the render resolution to 100 (1920x1080).
worth mentioning i opened task manager while playing to find a potential source of problem but my gpu was below even 50% most of the time and my cpu only exceeding about 45%.
my psu shouldn't be the problem, i have a evga 600w and 16gb 3000mhz vengeance ram, which in conclusion points me to my disk. I have had significant problems with my disk and bench-marking it told me it was like, super scuffed, being 100% on task manager alot of the times,
very recently i ordered a barracuda hdd and ssd to replace with my current hdd and it is supposed to come tommorow,
(i will inform this thread if that fixed my problem after reinstalling destiny)

from all that i suspect it leads me to think that my hdd is to blame, and i came to ask, since im not incredible experienced on computers, could my hdd be the problem, or does anyone know why im getting such low fps on such a higher end-ish card.

thank-you clever people ! :)))))))))))))