Question GTX1650 Insanely Weird Problem [PLEASE HELP]

Mar 9, 2020
My PC has a very weird problem that does not allow me to play CS:GO. I recently changed my R9 380 gpu because it became faulty and artifacts appeared on the screen. So I bought an nvidia gtx 1650 as I only play minecraft and CS:GO. I reinstalled windows, installed the latest os and gpu driver updates, launched the latest version of CS:GO and played for 10 minutes, until the screen suddenly went white and nothing could recover it. The rest of the system continued working since I could hear the game sounds through my headphones. I've reinstalled everything like 5 times and the problem does not go away. I tried to stress test the GPU with furmark and Heaven and nothing happened. I also stress tested the CPU and ran a memtest and everything went ok. When I play minecraft, everything is ok. It only happens with CS:GO. It is also worth noting that after I hit the reset button on my case, the system reboots but doesn't manage to boot windows. The monitor shuts down and the "VGA" Ez Debug LED turns on. In order to restore the system, I have to hold the power button and turn it on again. Please, please help me solve this problem. It is driving me crazy.