GTX260 Core 216 Temp/Profile


Oct 13, 2009
I been monitoring the temperature of my gtx260 lately and noticed it hits 72 degrees while playing CoD4, CS:S or any game really. Idles at 45ish. I'm pretty sure that these are acceptable temps but I figure I'll be change the fan speed to help the card last longer. So I downloaded nvidia performance monitor (default speed was 40%) and I made a profile with a rule. The rule would make it so the fan is at 40% for temps at 40, 55% when the temp hits 55 and 90% when the temp hits 70.

I'm just wondering if it is safe for the card to be switching like this and if you would chance either of those profile settings and why?
Im pretty sure that its fine.....its only something it would be doing itself anyway, jus with different trigger limits.

Edit: i would add a 100% rule aswell....maybe for 85*c?